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How To Get A Flat Tummy After Pregnancy #Fitness

I had a 22 inch waist before I had little man. It’s my one body part that always made me proud. My thighs are quite, um, healthy, and my legs rather, hmmm, petite? I have decent arms but no man has ever said “Wow, check out her arms!” So it was important to me to get my flat stomach back after having a baby.

I used a tummy wrap to belly wrap my tummy right after giving birth and shrink my belly, an old fashioned concept that has been around forever and recently made popular again after Brooke Burke declared she used one to flatten her tummy after each of her four kids. Stomach wrapping works to help shrink your belly and lose belly fat after pregnancy fast, along with a healthy diet of fat burning foods.

She had four kids!!

Belly wrapping made my tummy shrink and I looked like I had a flat tummy, but I still didn’t have that *tightness* I used to have, or the concave look yet. I actually had a belly like Brooke’s, even if the rest of me didn’t look quite like her. So a friend, an older woman who had several children and is in great shape shared a flat stomach exercise technique that works wonders (unlike stomach wrapping, this one actually requires work…sorry).

It’s a fabulous flat stomach exercise called tummy pulls or the tummy cincher, and basically works to pull your stomach inward by tightening the muscle that goes *around* your body (the transversus), and cinches the stomach muscles inward like a corset.

And this flat tummy exercise is easy to do. You just have to remember to do it daily (like Kegel’s):

1. Pull in your stomach quickly, and let it go (relax) in rapid pulses. When you pull in your stomach, imagine you are trying to pull your belly button backward to touch your back.

2. Do these quick tummy pull pulses about 50-100 times in quick succession. If you do this once a day, it will go a long way toward getting your belly back in shape, and quickly.

3. Keep doing it. Like any muscle (especially one that has been stretched) it needs to be maintained. If you remember to do it multiple times a day (100 three times a day or more would be awesome) you may just get into Brooke Burke territory, but really try to do at least 100 good pulls a day to get back that quarter bouncing tone.

With this flat stomach exercise and the Tauts belly wrap, I was able to get my prebaby flat stomach again and lose all the belly fat from pregnancy. I never thought I’d ever in a million years post a pic of my tummy on my blog, but to give you an idea (the red marks are from the waist band elastic):

I had one (and no airbrushing)!

Now if only someone would invent something for shrinking thighs after baby.

* Obviously, if you have medical conditions, had a c-section, had that condition where your tummy muscles split, or anything else that would make this a bad idea to do, then don’t to it. If you suffer from postpartum depression because of your post pregnancy stomach, you can try this tutorial on how to get back in shape. If you don’t have any issues that preclude it, and like thousands of other women realize that muscle building crunches and sit-ups don’t do anything for actually narrowing and pulling your waist *in*, try the tummy wrap and tummy pulling technique. They are oldies but goodies.

Oh my stomach is still big I hate it. The rest of me is really skinny. I’m going to do this daily, I’ll let you know how it goes! Your stomach looks fab(I can only wish for that again)

You look great girl! I’ve had three and I don’t think I’ll ever look like that again ;(

Wow, look at you go girl. You look great. Good for you!
My tummy has never been the same after having four kids but look at Brooke! If she can do it, so can I. It might take me a bit longer, cause ya know, no personal trainers or chef’s at my house ?? !! I am actually starting a pretty radical diet next Thursday. Wish me luck!

Also known as abdominal bracing, these are great for helping provide support to the lower back for those who suffer from chronic low back pain…we use them in physical therapy all the time!! Great post and congrats on the trimmer tummy ??

I desperately need some help in this area (sigh) – thanks for the tip! That actually does sound a lot easier and more doable than a lot of things I hear… I’ll see what it can do for me!

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Great Post, love it!
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man, what I’d give for a flat tummy! Yours looks great!

What a fabulous photo. I don’t even have a baby as an excuse for my podgy tummy. Just too much good living. I will start my tummy pulls today. Thank you!

Not that I think one can change their basic body shape too drastically, but I have been attending yoga classes for the past 6-7 months (just normal, basic yoga on a mat, not hot yoga or pilates on a machine), firstly once a week and then after a while twice a week. I have noticed my thighs have a lot more definition, as have my arms. But you wouldn’t say they are muscley. I am beyond excited about thigh definition and now with my tummy pulls and more healthful food I will be fabulous!

Wow,about 10 years too late for me to try out the Tummy Wrap! I like the idea though, I also think that doing those tummy pulls is a great addition to an exercise routine. After all, why not when I’m just sitting here! lol ??

And it’s actually not too late to tummy wrap- it’s effective at any point, just not *as* effective. I’d still give it a shot.

Hmm, yoga? I should check it out. I’d love to give my thighs some definition.

Your tum is hot mama! Great job! I am so going to start doing this, tonigh. My tum has really gotten unsightly and I use to have such a wash board tummy! UGH! I will show my results after a month, if it looks as good as yours!

I`m new here. Nice post. I don`t know if we try like what you said can get a flat tummy. ??

Definitely let me know how it goes!

Well, you’re a hottie either way ?? But I want to see your results in a month!

My baby just turned 15. I never did lose my tummy. She weighed 13 lbs. 3 oz. and was 24? long. I think my muscles just gave up. LOL

You look awesome!! I am reading Brooke Burke’s book right now and she talks about this product (well, of course LOL!) and I want to try it. I’ve had 3 c-sections though, so probably not a good idea……

But I have heard that tummy wraps are good for after a c-section – I am going to talk to my dr about this one.

I just read your feature from Nichol at KiddiesCorner Deals and had to come check this out because a flat tummy is something that I definitely don’t have after my two kids! I just did my first 100 pulls (whew!) and I’m going to try to keep up with doing these – you definitely look awesome! Thanks for the tip!

Wow! You look GREAT! I’m going to try this tip…thanks!

Wow! That’s impressive. My stomach is not what it used to be either. I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

That is excellent advice for someone who just needs to tighten their abs up. If on the other hand you have fat over your abs then you have to do more than stomach exercises. A good diet is 80-90% of the equation, the rest of the equation is hard work. I hate to throw that reality out there but it’s the truth. You can’t out exercise a bad diet and you have to put work in to get any results out. That’s why it’s called a workout. You also can’t spot train a body part and expect to lose fat. You can spot train strength, muscle growth and toning specific body parts, but if you need to lose fat you have to workout your enter body. Preferably your large muscle groups, they will burn the most calories by adding lean muscle. The more lean muscle you have on your body the faster your metabolism is.

Hi, thanks for responding to my last message. I wanted to know how I can make my thighs and calves thinner. They are really big and I Have to make them small. Any ideas.

my belly is too big after delivering twins. I look like am pregnant again. Will try this and let you know.

my tummy still looks like im having 5months pregnancy after having cs for twin delivery, im always looking checking my tummy which i know is giving me problem, cos i cannot go out without wearing big top, iv been to phisioteraphy but not helping, my kids are 1yr now my doctor said it wont go back cos i had cs, please what is the way out. up till now im doing tummy tucking

Just wondering, How many weeks (?) between your start time and when you took the picture? Also, did you do 50-100 once a day, or more?
Thanks! I’m pretty excited about this!

I started with 100-200 daily and then for maintenance I do about 50-100 three times a week (once you are where you are happy, you don’t really need to do as much to stay there). Honestly, it took over a month, so it wasn’t that quick, but most exercises take some time to get the results you want. As time went by, even though I did less for maintenance, my stomach still became leaner and firmer (I never took further photos though).

Hi, I had my son 8 months ago & I still have a wrinkly, saggy, jelly belly. Pre-pregnancy I had a very flat tummy and to see this mess on my midsection really is discouraging. I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy, that’s a lot! I have 10 more lbs until I hit my pre-pregnancy weight. I think the only thing I am concerned about is if my belly will ever look the way it did before I got pregnant. I will try the exercise you have mentioned and see if it gives me results. I’ll be so happy if I get my tummy back.

Btw, you look amazing!

My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought
I may as well check things out. I like what I see
so now i am following you. Look forward to exploring your web page yet again.

I want to get a corset so i can flatten my stomach & get my body back in shape. & have that nice curve my stomach isn’t really that big but i still wanna flatten it.

Your tummy looks fantastic! You’d never guess you had a baby! How long did it take to get your tummy that flat? Did you do any other exercises as well as these? I’m having my second baby in 2 weeks and I’m dreading how my tummy will look afterwards. It took about 5 months to get my tummy back to normal with my first baby, and that was without exercising, just keeping super busy with my son! I’m really looking forward to giving this exercise a try after my daughter is born!

Dear Penelope
I have a bby boy his 2years old now but still tryin to get my belly flat like before, and when i read this i was amazed on how u make yours flat, can u mail me more info pls

Question, I did not hear about postpartum wrapping until today.. and I had my child a month ago.. Will the wrap still work this late after I had my daughter? I don’t want to buy one and it be too late to use..

Yes, a month having past is not too late! Start asap! The sooner you start the better (within 3 days is best) but many women start after six months and still see a benefit, so I’d start wrapping my tummy as soon as I could get my hands on one.

Hi I had 2 kids in the last two years. I’ve been trying to loose my extra skin. Is this exercise also to tighten loose skin? I can feel my ABS under the skin but can’t seem to be able to tightening it. Any advice? Ps I had my last child all natural 6 months ago.

Hi, what kind of wrap did you use?? Like the name of it?

The one I used was called Baboosh, but there are many to choose from that are very effective.

So you are saying that 6 months after one has had a baby that wrapping the belly and the tummy exercise may still work?

Yes, just start asap- the results won’t be as dramatic but it’s not until about 18 months after the baby is born that it’s useless to start wrapping the stomach. If you start to use belly wrap at six months, that is good, even a year has some benefits (the sooner after birth the better, but it’s not to late to get a tummy wrap and start using it now)

I tried exercise and get flat tummy but i look like stretch and look funny tummy ?? how can I get back my flat tummy since I have three kids

I just had a cs 4 weeks ago they gave me a band to wear,I’ve been wearing it ever since, my question is how long should I keep wearing it?

If it is a band to help shrink the uterus and stomach faster, I would wear it for at least six months.

Hi had my baby five months ago on the 18 shell be six mo. Is it too late to try this belly wrapping and exercise? And were can I get this belly wrapping thing and what is it called?

Hi Viviana, there are several companies that make tummy wraps, or you can make one at home with an ace bandage that is very wide and wrapped nice and tightly around your stomach (but not so tight that it cuts off circulation). Six months is late but not too late, I would definitely start now!

I absolutely love this exercise. Thank you for sharing this. How soon can you see results if you did 300 a day?

I saw results pretty quickly (within a week) because it’s basically pulling inward, like a corset.

Is it to late to have a flat tummy on a 10weeks new mom?

Definitely not, start now! Most women start after 2 to 3 months with great results.

How To Get A Flat Tummy After Pregnancy #Fitness
I had a 22 inch waist before I had little man. It’s my one body part that always made me proud. My thighs are quite, um, healthy, and my legs rather, hmmm, petite? I have decent arms but no man has ever said "Wow, check out her arms!" So it was important to me to get my flat stomach back after…

Tauts belly wrap

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Super Producer Allison Grodner Talks ‘Plain Jane,’ ‘Big Brother,’ Reality

Look for the Sept. 1 finale of the CW’s “Plain Jane” to “up the stakes” of the CW reality show in which insecure young women undergo makeovers while preparing to make confessions of affection to their dream crushes . That’s according to Allison Grodner, who produces the show along with partner Rich Meehan.

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If there’s a Season 2, will there be turnabout – a “Plain Joe”?

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“This season we have a likeable group. I don’t think there’s anyone so hate-able they’re turning people off, as has happened in the past.” She laughs. “Though, there might be people who disagree with me.”

Brooke Burke ABC photo

What’s the best way to age gracefully? “One of the most important things is not to try to hold onto your twenties,” says Brooke Burke, a drop-dead gorgeous 38. “You see these people trying to turn back time and it doesn’t work. The best approach is to look your best at any age.”

With her latest job – taking over as host of TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look” competition reality show for wannabe models of 35 years and older – Brooke has given the topic of lovely women of a certain age quite a bit of consideration.

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For Brooke, “She’s Got the Look” fits nicely into the world of women she’s been communicating with and pitching to on her ModernMom.com website – women with children, women who buy her Tauts belly shapers, women past the twentysomething and single season of life. The industrious Brooke, who rose to fame hosting the E! channel’s “Wild On!” and appearing in Playboy pictorials is, these days, into the juggling season – with four kids and her man, hunky David Charvet, in addition to her career.

And what a busy career. She’ll be seen on E! getting ready for this Sunday’s (8/29) Emmy awards. On Monday (8/30), she’ll be joining Tom Bergeron to announce the celebrities participating in their next season of “Dancing With the Stars.” (Insists the Season 7 winner-turned-cohost of the show, “No, I don’t know anything yet. I’m completely in the dark.”)

Soon after that, she’ll be turning in the manuscript for the autobiographical book she reports that Penguin plans to publish in February. “I’m excited, although I have to say it does make me feel very vulnerable. It’s really an emotional thing to go back and dissect your life and think about the things you did right and wrong. It’s very revealing. I’m sharing most of my experiences very honestly,” she says. “It’s in three parts – mother, lover, woman.”

Stacy Keibler Leads Fans to Fantasy Football Frolic

Stacy Keibler admits she’s no expert on fantasy football – yet – but the WWE diva-turned-actress knows enough to be hosting tonight’s (8/27) Superdraft VIP party at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort.

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Tauts belly wrap
Celebrity news from Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Super Producer Allison Grodner Talks ‘Plain Jane,’ ‘Big Brother,’ Reality Look for the Sept. 1 finale of the CW’s “Plain Jane”

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